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Chord Chemistry
First Edition
Second Edition
Third Edition
Fourth Edition
Fifth Edition
Sixth Edition
Seventh Edition
Eighth & Ninth Editions
Tenth & Eleventh Editions
Twelfth Edition

Modern Chord
Progressions: Vol. I

First Edition
Second Edition
Third Edition
Fourth Edition
Fifth Edition

Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing: Vol. I
First Edition
Second Edition
Third Edition

Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing: Vol. II
First Edition
Second Edition
Third Edition

Photo Album
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As the original publisher of Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry, Modern Chord Progressions: Volume I, Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing: Volume I and Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing: Volume II, I would like to clear up a number of misconceptions about the different editions of Ted's books that are being offered for sale on eBay and elsewhere. Unaware sellers are advertising first editions of Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry, a Dale Zdenek Publication, while in fact they are selling third, fourth and sometimes fifth editions. Since the book's title page does not indicate the edition number, I would like to use this space to explain the differences between editions, as well as the number of books printed per eidtion.

Ted Greene edited his own books. Friends of Ted, his mother, his sister Linda Greene (now Linda Jainchill), and I would read the manuscripts, but only Ted would edit Ted's work. Since the first edition of each of Ted's books, no editorial changes of any kind have been made.

~Dale Zdenek

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03/23/2009: Eric Elias, staff writer for Just Jazz Guitar had an interview with Dale Zdenek for the February 2010 issue. Click here to read the interview.
03/05/2009: Tommy Tedesco is listed among 10 All-Time Great Session Guitarists on Gibson.com
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