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The original front cover of Ted Greene's Solo Guitar L.P. The date of the first recording was September 1977.


I met Ted Greene while I worked at the Ernie Ball Guitar Studio in 1963. Ted was a great Rock and Blues player at that time and had a huge following.Ted would hang around the guitar store most of the day. On one of those days, Jay Lacy came out of his teaching studio and picked up a guitar and started playing chord melody. Ted was in awe. He studied chord melody from Jay for about 2 months and the rest is almost history. When Ted started teaching at my guitar store ( Dale's Ernie Ball Guitar Studio) he heard George Van Eps' and decided to study from Van Eps' for about 2 months and the rest is almost history. One day Ted came into my guitar studio and told me he had just heard Lenny Breau play. All of a sudden it seemed that he became a different person because he would not put his guitar down until he had a hold on this new style of playing. Ted did tell me a couple of years prior to his passing that he took a lesson with Joe Pass. Ted told me what transpired during that lesson, but that is another story. I bought this LP by George Van Eps on eBay. The handwriting on the back cover is Ted's. Click here for a screenshot of the original eBay page.


Ted Greene and friend Bob Schuster.

This book was arranged by Ernie Ball prior to Ernie developing his Super Slinky Guitar Strings. The picture of Ernie was taken in his young 20's. The guitar on the cover is a Fender Jaguar.


I attended my first NAMM Show with Ernie Ball. Ernie was my Steel Guitar teacher and he  played rhythm while I attempted to play Tico Tico at the NAMM Show.


Sheet music with Della Reese on the cover. I met Della Reese in the Green Room of the Steve Allen Show. Every one applauded after her rehearsal, she sounded great. Terry Gibbs was the band leader for the show and  Joe Pass was the guitar player. Joe and I had already met at a Christmas party Ernie Ball had for his employees in 1964. Ted Greene was very disappointed that he did not make it. Ted was home practicing. You could go to Ted's home to visit but he never put his guitar down.


I bought this piece of sheet music while I worked at the Ernie Ball Guitar Studio. Ernie would stamp all sheet music with his business name on it.


Joe Diorio playing at one of our parties.


Joe is such a great player. Wish I had recorded all of our parties. However, we did record some of them.


This is a Chord Chemistry 2nd. edition. (Book courtesy of Don Butler.) This 2nd. edition is very rare. I have yet to find a Chord Chemistry this rare, and Ted also signed this for Don Butler. The caption reads, "Don, you sound great... Mayall/Clapton lives! Best Wishes, Ted." www.tone-man.com, www.workingclasshero.us

The following three pages is a photo-essay titled "3 Guitarists 3!!" by Dr. Robert Oliphant who was an English professor at Northridge College. Dr. Oliphant also played Piano and had written a manuscript for us to publish. He attended the party at Dr. Zdenek's estate in which Ted Greene, Joe Diorio and Ron Anthony performed. He wrote the following article and submitted it to Guitar Player Magazine. A PDF viewer is required for reading the article.  

Tommy Tedesco on the cover of Guitar Player magazine.


Front cover of the Joe Diorio Bonita CD.


Back cover of the Joe Diorio Bonita CD.


Liner notes, pages 1 & 2.


Liner notes, page 3.

  Ventures music book  

Recommendation for Chord Chemistry by Steve Vai. (A PDF viewer is required.)


The Ventures Song Book.


D.Z. opening for U2 Cover Band.

Sundae Flavor and Bob Hope
The Group is called The Sundae Flavour. We opened for Bob Hope on his College Concert Tours. I am the guy in the back with a beard. Ted Greene and Linda Zdenek would help watch the guitar store when I was on the road.


Autographed Beatles picture    

Autographed picture of the Beatles. My friend Harvey Wicklund became friends of the Beatles when they were in L.A. The Beatles autographed 20 pictures for Harvey signing only their first name and Harv gave me one.


Back of the autographed Beatles picture.


Ernie Ball had a great sense of humor. He sent this book to me when Ted was an instructor at my Guitar Studio. I remember Ted laughing when I showed it to him. The book has 25 blank pages.


A 2007 photo of Dale Zdenek and the Mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman.


Lee Ritenour and Dale Zdenek. Thanks for the photo shot Lee. www.leeritenour.com


Benny Binion (founder of the Binion's Horseshoe) and Carl Perez. When I first moved to Las Vegas in 1993, Carl Perez, aka Uncle Carl, would book gigs for me. Uncle Carl gave me this photo with Benny's signature.


Alexander "Sasha" Biryukov and Alina Gibadullina. My friends from Moscow, Russia. Their names are on the home page under acknowledgements. Sasha has spent many hours helping me complete this site from his home in Moscow.


Ted Greene is playing for a fan.


Dale's Guitar Store. Ted Greene was a Guitar Instructor for many years at our music store. Ted had a waiting list of over 100 students who wanted to study from him. Ted would give each of these students a lesson which would keep them busy for a few months until he could fit them in.


Dana "Chips" Hoover, Peter Butterfield, Derol Caraco and Tony Mandracchia. We had a going away party for Ted when he decided to teach from his home. The year is approximately 1974. Chord Chemistry was published in 1971.


Jaco Pastorius and Dale Zdenek.


Dale at the Hurricane in Las Vegas.


Vegas U2 cover band. Dave Meeks, Nick Mattera, A.J. and Kyle.


David Meeks, Dale Zdenek and Bill Gerski (owner of The Hurricane's).


Nick Mattera and Dale jamming at the Las Vegas Fireside Inn (Nov. 2008.)


Paul McCartney and Wings.




 Linda and Paul


Mary Kaye business card

Back of Mary Kaye business card




  When Fender unveiled the Mary Kaye Stratocaster Signature Model, Mary gave Dale her card. You are really missing it if you have never heard this lady play. www.marykayetrio.com

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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009