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This is an 8 page information magazine published by Fender Musical Instruments. Fender would send this magazine to their retail music store customers to give away free to the consumer. Fender called me and asked if I would give them permission to use an excerpt from Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry book. Ted and I agreed that "Moving Voices (Voice Leading) and Systematic Thinking" would work well in the "Fender Bridge" magazine on the "Pickers Clinic" page.


Dale Zdenek, Jay Lacy and Don Lanning. All three of us owned an Ernie Ball Guitar Studio. We are the only three that Ernie Ball sold his retail store's too.


Jay Lacy introduced Ted Greene to chord melody. Jay was Ted's first chord melody teacher. Ted studied from Jay for about 3 months and Ted was on his way to becoming the greatest guitar instructor and player of our time.


Dale Zdenek and Alexander Birioukov at Dale's Las Vegas home. Alexander is my webmaster for this site. Listen to Alex at www.myspace.com/alexanderbiryukov.

  A 1974 tape of Ted Greene playing Guitar  

Ted Greene gave this note to me regarding what he wanted printed on the back of his "Deep Tele" Ted Greene String set. Click here for more info on Ted Greene Strings and Tommy Tedesco Strings.


1/4" tape recorded in 1974 of Ted Greene playing Guitar.


Linda Zdenek, Jim Marshall (Marshall Amps founder) and Dale Zdenek.


Johnny Hiland. If you have yet to hear Johnny Hiland, you are really missing it. www.JohnnyHiland.com


Harvey Wicklund, Dale Zdenek and Tommy Alvarado. Harvey was the Bass player for the Ventures for many years and Tommy Alvarado is one of the most respected vocalist and tenor players here in Las Vegas. www.TommyAlvarado.com


Nick Mattera and Dale Zdenek.




Andy Summers getting ready to open at the Blue Note in Las Vegas. Andy is a legitimate musician. I know he played and studied classical guitar for many years. Andy did play some incredible straight ahead jazz that evening.


Dale Zdenek and Andy Summers. Andy, Ted Greene and Dale were friends back in the late 60's and early 70's. Ted brought his Chord Chemistry manuscript into my music store. Andy was there and he told me that I should publish it. I asked Andy how do you publish a book? He said "figure it out, it's Ted Greene". I immediately went into Ted's teaching room and we agreed that I would publish Chord Chemistry and that was the beginning of the Dale Zdenek Publications. This all transpired prior to the forming of the Police.


This is Gordie Brown. I met Gordie at a local Restaurant/Lounge in Vegas. His band leader and guitar player Steven Swinford was with him. Steven recognized my name from my publishing co. and Gordie invited Linda and myself to sit with him. We also went to see the Gordie Brown show at the Golden Nugget. Gordie has an excellent show and will do just about any singer impersonation. He has a hot band backing him. When you come to Vegas don't miss it. www.GordieBrown.com


Bob Conti is one of my favorite players. Bob and I both live in Las Vegas and we used to hang together here. He gave me a copy each of a series of books that he authored "The Sound Of Rio" "Big City Blues" "The Smoking Lineman!" 15 titles in all. I am very proud to have my name on the cover of these books. www.robertconti.com


I bought this Joe Pass / Robert Conti LP on e-bay. Bob came over to my home and signed all my Conti records. Thanks Bob.


Back Cover of the Joe Pass and Robert Conti "Living Legends" LP.


I found this Test Pressing of Bob Conti in my record collection. Albert Marks was the owner of the Record Company and the producer of Tommy Tedesco and Bob Conti. Albert would send me his new recordings and his record catalog. We would purchase and distribute his guitar records to music stores around the country.


Test pressing for the Joe Diorio "Bonita" LP.


Gino and Dale. When I first moved to Las Vegas in 1993 I met Gino who had been working Vegas since the 50's.

  Gino played guitar and did a Jimmy Durante impersonation. We sounded pretty good together and I started working with Gino all over Vegas. It was so much fun working with him. I am very sad to say that he passed away in 1996 and I miss him so much.  

Dale Zdenek, Bob Wills brother and Gino Williams.


Jay Lacy. I shot this photo for a possible book cover that Jay was working on.


Dale Zdenek and Joe Diorio


Dale Playing Bass and Rehearsing with a couple members of the Sundae Flavour.


Larry Coryell gave me a copy of a book he wrote. Coryell has been considered one of the top players for a long long time.


Phil Upchurch was George Benson's rhythm or 2nd guitar player. Phil gave me this book way before you could buy the complete song along with the guitar solos transcribed in the U.S. You might notice this book is written in Japanese. However, the notation has been written the same as any music I have read. www.PhilUpchurch.com


Dale Zdenek in Saigon, Vietnam in 1968. Dale is the guy with the helmet.


Rich Severson is the producer and publisher of "Guitar College Video Magazine". This edition was a tribute to Ted Greene. www.GuitarCollege.com


Rich Severson on the cover of "Guitar College Video Magazine".


John Pisano on the cover of "Guitar College Video Magazine."


Just a great picture.


When Bob gave me a copy of his "To The Brink" CD. the above note came with it. This unbelievable Conti recording is worth buying. www.RobertConti.com


Robert Conti "To The Brink" CD. www.RobertConti.com


Tommy recorded this LP for Trend Records. Albert Marx, the owner and producer for Trend Records, gave me permission to use this same photo of Tommy for the book "For Guitar Players Only" by Tommy Tedesco.


I met Tommy DeVito (guitar player and founder of the 4 Seasons) when I became his Realtor by placing an offer on some real property for him. Tommy had about 80 Gold Albums on his family room wall among many more accolades. He gave me the above CD and signed it for me.


The Jersey Boys is a show here in Las Vegas which is a musical biography of the 4 Seasons. Tommy DiVito gave me this CD and autographed it for me.


I have known Jimmy Stewart since the 70's. He is one heck of a guitar player.


This is Ted Greene's hand writing. He must have written it around 1966.


This was also written by Ted in 1966.


Rich Severson produced this Guitar College Video Magazine. Notice the lessons by John Jorgenson and Eric Elias. Eric is also a staff writer for "Just Jazz Guitar" magazine.


Thom Bresh on the cover of Severson's Guitar College Video Magazine. Thom used to hang around my Ernie Ball Guitar store back in the 60's.


Dale Zdenek. Notice all the switches on my 1959 Gibson 355. (Inductors, in & out of phase, master volume on the pick guard, etc. Ted did that for me. What a great friend.


Al Jarreau only gave one autograph that evening and it was to Linda Zdenek.


Joe Diorio played on this Ira Sullivan LP and also wrote the tune "Gong". I was fortunate to have published it. Believe it or not we did receive royalties from ASCAP.


The back cover of the Ira Sullivan LP.

Dale's license plate. Guitar Player.   Dale and the Valet at the Stardust Hotel. It is the lights above that are reflecting on the Vette.  

Linda Zdenek and Lance Burton. Linda and I were invited to a party in 2007 and Lance Burton showed up. He only took one photo that evening and it was with Linda. 


Linda Zdenek


Dale Zdenek


Linda and Dale Zdenek


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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009