ALL Who Came Into Contact With Him Must Have Been Greatly Enriched By The Experience: by Bernie Holland


I am a guitarist and I have just viewed some video clips that have moved me to write this to you. If you receive this message then I hope you will feel the spirit of appreciation that has guided my hand - if you don't get this then I will just have to send my vibrations out into the ether!

I have kind of neglected my playing for some time and I'm getting back into it so I had another look at my copy of Chord Chemistry - so I thought, I wonder if there is any Ted Greene stuff on the internet - well, I was so sad to discover that Ted had passed away some years ago, but the wonderful video clips will serve as a living memorial to this great musician. Talent - well yeah, a lot of us may have that but Ted had something extra special and that was his humanity and the ability to make really profound connections with other human beings. Unfortunately, as I live in England I never got the chance to meet this great guy - but from viewing the video clips and looking at all the photos in the guest book it seems to me that the lives of all who came into contact with him must have been greatly enriched by the experience.

May the Fourths Be With You!

Bernie Holland (yes - the guy who wrote 'Diamond Dust' for Jeff Beck !)

By the way, when I looked through the photos I noticed some pictures of Joe Diorio - well, I can tell you that Joe has been a source of inspiration to me as well - he is a wonderful musician - and even though I have never met him either, I bet he is a really cool dude ! However, one guy I did meet a couple of times when he visited England was Talmage Farlow otherwise known as 'Carolina Slim' - he is another great guy who has now passed on. Do you know the meaning of wealth and riches ? Well it seems to me some people can go through life quite easily amassing fame and fortune whilst others have to travel a harder road - but in the end the richest people are those, like Ted, who get unlimited joy by giving freely of themselves to others - and it is because of this that they are so sorely missed by their friends when they finally have to say 'so long'. I hope this all doesn't sound like I am preaching here, but my simple words come straight from my heart.

Keep in touch, please !




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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009