You And Ted Greene Stories

Anyone who had a personal experience with Ted, and would like the world to know,
please send us your story, and we will place it on this site.

How I Met Ted Greene: by Rich Severson

Jay Graydon on Ted Greene

Hanging With Ted: by Phil Upchurch

I Have Been A Big TG Fan For Years: by Ron Casey

ALL Who Came Into Contact With Him Must Have Been Greatly Enriched By The Experience: by Bernie Holland

OFFERING & RECORDING of "My Favourite Things" In Honour Of Ted Greene by: Bernie Holland

So What Have I Got Here? A Chord Chemistry 4-1/2 Edition? - by Dan Muller

Hearing Ted Greene For The First Time: by Greg Clayton

But Who Was This Ted Greene? by Don Ayers

"I Understand Ted's Wisdom A Little More Now" by Carmen Torrise


All stories are subject to site publishers approval.

Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009