So What Have I Got Here? A Chord Chemistry 4-1/2 Edition? - by Dan Muller

Hi Dale,

Thanks for putting up pictures of Ted's books. I purchased two of his publications when I was a teenager, probably around 1976, give or take a couple of years. A few months ago started playing guitar a bit more again, and I pulled out piles of old stuff I'd saved, including these two books. I searched for more information about Ted Greene online, only to find out that he had died several years earlier. I was very happy to find some YouTube videos of him performing for some college class; I had never heard his playing before.

I was just looking at my copy of "Chord Chemistry" and started wondering if it was a first edition, since no edition number was listed. I found your site quickly, and it (mostly) cleared up my confusion. Except for one thing.

As far as I can tell, I have a fifth edition. The front cover is the same (no surprise there), and the price printed on the back is $5.95. But there are a few discrepancies compared to your photos.

On the back, the "Dale Zdenek Publications" on top is on two lines, left-justified next to the DZ logo. The same text at the bottom is in a much smaller font. The list of other publications is quite a bit different; "by Jay Friedman" is included after each non-Greene title, and the guitar titles after "Guitar Scales and Arpeggios Complete" are missing.

On the title page, "Dale Zdenek Publications" is in a very small font, next to a different logo -- looks kind of like a mushroom with DZ on top (the "Z" very stylized). Ah, I see -- that same logo shows on the title page of the fourth edition, but this one is smaller.

So what have I got here? Edition 4-1/2? An illegal knock-off? I think my wife's scanner works, I could probably scan this if it's of interest to you.

Dan Muller


Hi Dan,

Thanks for sending the Chord Chemistry scans. This really puts a wrench into things. Don't get me wrong, I am very glad you discovered this Chord Chemistry edition. It is very important that the site can be relied on for many years to follow. I sincerely thank guitar players like yourself, that are willing to take the time and help me get it right. It has been over 30 years and I thought I kept a copy of every edition. Evidently not.

You have a 5th. edition, and the existing 5th. edition is a 6th. edition and the 6th. edition is a 7th. edition and so on. This also means there is an additional 10,000 copies of Chord Chemistry that have been sold. My web master, Alexander Birioukov lives in Moscow, Russia and I will get this information to him soon. However, your story will be published within the next week.

Thank You Very Much For Your Time and Help.

Respectfully Yours,


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Published March 5th. 2009