I Have Been A Big TG Fan For Years: by Ron Casey

Mr. Zdenek,

Thank you so much for the Ted Greene site, it is both educational and lots of fun! I have been a big TG fan for years, and am excited to find sites like this where I can learn a little more about the man. It was always a goal of mine to meet the man and take at least one lesson. Unfortunately, I was never able to make that goal a reality. With that in mind, I am particularly excited about your upcoming "lessons with Ted"!

Too bad all of this info wasn't available to all of us when Ted was with us. From what I've learned about him though, he wouldn't have appreciated all of the attention.

I am now a teacher myself, and Ted inspires me as a teacher as much, if not more so than as a player. The guy was a one of a kind! Sure do wish I could have at least met him...

Thanks again

Ron Casey
Portland Oregon

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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009