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Joe Diorio, Jon Kurnick, Tommy Tedesco.




Jon Kurnick, Tommy Tedesco and D. Z. Pub. office manager Marcia Hyland.


Ted Greene playing at the NAMM Show.


Ted talking with fellow guitar players.


Invitation for a party following the NAMM Show.



Ted Greene getting ready to open the show.

  Ted just finished his first song.  

Dale walks up to shake Ted's hand. Notice Ron Eschete behind Ted, Tommy Tedesco standing and Mel Bay sitting with tie and gray suit.



After introducing Mel Bay we all stood and gave him our appreciation for starting it all.


Now is the time for Tommy Tedesco and Joe Diorio to turn up the heat.



Our office manager Cecily Vestudo and Don Lanning VP of operations.


Linda Zdenek. Linda kept everything together regarding correspondence, billing, shipping invoices etc.


My mother Christine and Linda Zdenek in our NAMM booth.



Don Lanning, My mother and Linda Zdenek.


Don Lanning. Don and I each bought an Ernie Ball Guitar Studio in 1964. Ernie decided to sell since his string company became very successful. Ted Greene was just starting to teach at that time. Ted was a great blues player and he would teach rock and blues chord progressions and licks. I still have some of those T.G. hand written licks.



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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009