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Tommy Tedesco & Joe Diorio. It was amazing to hear these 2 play together.


My son Sean Zdenek sitting in front of Ted Greene. (Ted is on the couch to the right).


Guess who walked in? Jaco Pastorius.



Jaco and Diorio where playing lines together that were so fast it was mesmerizing and almost impossible.



Ron Escheté decided to sit in. What a great player. www.roneschete.com




Ted Greene finished the show. Check out his audience, they can't believe it.


Linda Zdenek in 1978 Frankfurt Germany searching for foreign distribution.



Dale Zdenek in 1978 Frankfurt Germany searching for European distribution.


Linda and Dale Zdenek at the Frankfurt Music Convention. We shared a both with Might Mite and Silver Eagle Guitar Straps.


1978 Frankfurt show.



Frankfurt convention. The guy in the middle is Randy Zacuto the founder of Might Mite.


We are on the move going from country to country in the search for European distribution.


Linda getting directions from the train security.



Linda and the train security or conductors, we were not sure.


Dale trying on the train security's uniform.


Ted Greene playing in the D.Z. Publication booth. Check out his Tele.



Tommy Tedesco, Jon Kurnick and Dale Zdenek.


Linda & Dale Zdenek at the NAMM Show in 1979.


Lisa and Don Lanning. Don was the V.P. of operations for D.Z. Publications. Don Lanning is also Ernie Ball's Brother-in-Law.



Linda Zdenek and our son Ryan Zdenek. They are standing in our booth at the NAMM Show. The year is 1979.


Our Son Sean Zdenek at the same NAMM Show.


Ryan and Sean standing in front of The World's Largest Guitar.

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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009