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Joe Diorio took the stage.   Joe is very expressive while playing.   Joe Diorio.
Joe Diorio.   Joe Diorio.   Joe Diorio.
Ted Greene loved to back singers.        
Dale Zdenek and friends enjoying the entertainment.   Some more great pictures of Ted playing.   Ted's fans watch in amazement.
        Dr. Robert Oliphant plays piano while entertaining his audience. Dr. Oliphant was also an English Professor at California University at Northridge.
Dr. Robert Oliphant.   Wonderful singer and very entertaining.    
Roberta Sherwood was our surprise guest.   Roberta Sherwood can really belt it out.    
    Don Lanning decided to sing a few standards. Don Lanning was vice president of Dale Zdenek Publications, the son of Roberta Sherwood and Ernie Ball's brother in law.   Joe Diorio.

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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009