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Pool party in 1978 at Dale and Linda Zdenek's home. Mr. and Mrs.Jay Friedman, Lisa and Don Lanning. Jay Friedman was an in house writer for Dale Zdenek Publications. Jay wrote 6 books for D.Z. Publications.


Another get together on New Years Eve 1980 at Dale's home. Tom Chase, Ted Greene, Rich Severson and Dale Zdenek. Dale published Pentatonic Guitar Guide by Tom Chase. Rich Severson was an in house writer for Dale Zdenek Publications. Rich wrote several books for D.Z. Publications.


Tom Chase and Ted Greene at Dale's home office.


We all went downstairs and played guitar. Ted Greene, Dale Zdenek, Tom Chase and Rich Severson.


Ted Greene and Dale Zdenek.


We all went for Italian food. Tommy Tedesco and Ted Greene.


Frank Severino (Tommy Tedesco's drummer) and Ted Greene.


Joe Diorio and Frank Severino.


Ron Anthony, Cecily, and Marsha.


Dale and Linda Zdenek with Tommy Tedesco. NAMM Show displaying our first string co. Lazer Strings and Sundance Strings. These strings were developed prior to the Ted Greene  and Tommy Tedesco strings.


Joe Diorio and Tommy Tedesco.


Tommy is checking out our new strings.

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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009