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    Another get together at Dale's home. Joe Diorio and Rich Severson.  

Joe Diorio and Jon Kurnick.


Joe Diorio, Jon Kurnick and Tommy Tedesco.


Dinner party at Dr. and Mrs. Albert Zdenek estate on September 6, 1977. (picture from left to right) Ted Greene, Ron Anthony, Dale Zdenek, Joe Diorio and Gerry Mc Gee.


Ted Greene as usual started the show.

Everyone is mesmerized by Ted's playing.   Ted Greene.   Ted Greene.
Charlie Shoemake Trio with Ron Anthony sitting in on guitar.   Charlie Shoemake Trio.   Charlie Shoemake Trio.
Ron Anthony playing rhythm for Charlie Shoemake.   Ron Anthony.   Ron Anthony.
Linda and Dale Zdenek.   Dana "Chips" Hoover, a very close friend of Ted's.   Ted Greene continues to play while we watch in awe.
Ted is not sure about his tone.   Let me change my tone while I hold this chord. Nobody will notice.   Doesn't sound bad.
Wait, no, that's not it.   Let's see, ya that's what I was looking for.   Thank you.

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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009