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Some great pictures of Joe Diorio.        
Gerry McGee. Gerry performed with the Ventures, Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge among many others. I remember Gerry in the movie A Star Is Born.   Check out Gerry's thumb pick.   Roberta Sherwood and Dale Zdenek.
Joe Diorio (in front) Ted Greene, Dale Zdenek, Charlie Shoemake and Gerry Mc Gee.   Ron Anthony,Joe Diorio, Ted Greene, Dale Zdenek Charlie Shoemake and Gerry McGee.   Dale Zdenek, Linda Zdenek, Marilee Zdenek and Dr Albert Zdenek.
Dale and Linda Zdenek and our friend Don Lanning.   Myrna and Joe Diorio.   Roberta Sherwood and fan.
Roberta Sherwood and fan.   Ted Greene.   I love this picture of Ted without his glasses.
Ted Greene and Dale Zdenek.  

Dale Zdenek Publications 1979 grand opening in Westlake Village. This is a great picture of Ted Greene.


The Master is entertaining us (Rich Severson is in the back ground).


Carme and Tommy Tedesco watching Ted Play.


Tommy Tedesco is engrossed with Ted's playing.


Randy Zacuto (founder of Mighty Might Products) Ted's sister (Linda Greene [ now Linda Jainchill]) and Dale Zdenek.


Rich Severson and Joe Diorio.

  Great picture of Joe Diorio.  

Joe Diorio and Dale Zdenek.

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Dale Zdenek 2007
Published March 5th. 2009