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Photo Album

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Ted Greene.


Tommy Tedesco, Dale Zdenek and Joe Diorio.


My Son Sean Zdenek watches Joe Diorio tune.

    Mel Taylor and Dale Zdenek

Joe getting into it.


Tommy getting a closer look while Ted plays.


Mel Taylor and Dale Zdenek. Mel was the original drummer for The Ventures. Mel's brother is Larry "The Mole" Taylor who was the original bass player for Canned Heat.

Harvey Wicklund, Dale Zdenek and Jeff Haynes   Harvey Wicklund   Derol Caraco and Art Manos

Harvey Wicklund, Dale Zdenek and Jeff Haynes. Harvey played with the Ventures when he took Don Wilson's place as Rhythm Guitar Player in 1982 and 1983. Harvey also introduced me to my wife Linda when we were 14 years of age. Jeff Haynes, Ted Greene and I go back when Ted was 17 years of age.


Harvey Wicklund.


Derol Caraco and Art Manos. Derol taught at my guitar store with Ted Greene. Derol and Ted were very good friends.

Fiona and Mel Taylor   Dale Zdenek and Derol Caraco   Steve Clayton and a friend

Fiona Friedman now Fiona Taylor and Mel Taylor.


Dale Zdenek and Derol Caraco. Derol was a very good friend of Ted's. Derol was also a guitar instructor at our Guitar Studio.


Steve Clayton and a friend. Steve is the founder of Steve Clayton Products. www.steveclayton.com

Dale Zdenek and Ronald Freshman, Esq.   Everybody is checking Joe Diorio out!   Dale and Sean Zdenek

Dale Zdenek and Ronald Freshman, Esq. Ron was a student and friend of Ted's. Ron has recorded several CD's. Check out his site at ronfreshman.com


Everybody is checking Joe Diorio out! Sitting in the front row (left to right) Tony Mandracchia, Ron Freshman, Art Manos and Derol Caraco. Standing in the back row is my Mother Christine Columbus, Linda Zdenek and Ted Greene.


Dale and Sean Zdenek.

Accountant checking out customer and distributor map     D.Z. in Dale's Garage

My accountant checking out our U.S. customer and distributor map. The red pins represent one music store, the white pin represent 10 retail music stores and the flags represent 25 retail music store customers.


My son Ryan Zdenek standing in front of a pallet of Chord Chemistry books at our home.


D.Z. Publications in Dale's garage in 1977.


Sean and Dale Zdenek. Our new warehouse was under construction in 1977.


I published my first book in 1971 Chord Chemistry by Ted Greene. In the picture is Dale Zdenek and Don Lanning in Dale's garage doing the billing. The year is 1977. By this time we had about 3,000 retail stores and many distributors as customers.


In 1965 Ernie Ball sold me one of his guitar stores, Dale's Ernie Ball Guitars. In the picture is Dale Zdenek and friend. Ted Greene and I met in 1963 because of Ernie Ball and became best of friends to the end.

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Published March 5th. 2009